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I was born in Pasadena, TX and raised in Temple, TX. After starting my family with four children, two boys and two girls, we moved to Woodland Park, CO in 2005. We fell in love with the mountains and wildlife. I knew this is where I wanted to raise my children.

I had a CDL at the time so I drove a truck for the first couple years of living here. During that time I became acquainted with a man that would make little critters using a chainsaw. I’ve always had a talent for art and became obsessed with this rustic form of art.


I began by carving small, very rough, and blocky bears and other such creatures.

With time and much practice my carvings developed to become what they are today. Much credit is to be given to all the other carvers I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from through the years.

I am blessed as well to be the father of four bright and talented children that I feel every piece I make is for them.

 I am so thankful to all the people that have put their confidence in me to adorn their homes and businesses with my art.

More than anything, I give all glory and honor to Jesus Christ who shined a light upon me that no darkness can overcome.

How to Become Full Time at Your Art  - Johnny Busby 

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